we only work with best-in-class suppliers.

We’ve built our network of more than 10,000 suppliers by carefully selecting best-in-class manufacturers from around the globe.

We have high expectations of our suppliers and rely on proven processes to ensure the work we produce for our clients is delivered on time, on budget, and error free. Our suppliers are evaluated on eight key performance indicators, and we continuously evaluate each supplier through a dynamic rating system.

With production capabilities and reputable international resources, including in China and Hong Kong, we’re able to offer clients responsive turnaround and competitive pricing.

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Our certified suppliers go through a rigorous selection process based on eight key performance indicators: billing accuracy, customer service, on-time delivery, pricing, purchase order accuracy, quality, timeliness, and adherence to our processes.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please fill out the form below to learn about joining our network.

our elite supplier network

At the core of our quality promise is an advanced supplier qualification and rating process.

Our suppliers are required to maintain a long-standing track record of customer satisfaction and continue to adhere to a stringent set of quality standards.

Our certified suppliers are required to undergo a rigorous application process, which involves sharing financial and reference information. Suppliers then perform a ‘test’ process, where we send them sample projects for quotes and examine their pricing, expertise, and expectations.

As a company becomes part of our certified supplier network, they are consistently rated according to our supplier scorecard. Our production managers rate each individual project at point of invoice based on a number of factors, including on-time delivery, quality, and pricing. Our clients also are requested to provide input and feedback through a custom-generated web page.

Through our certified global supplier network, we help ensure only high-quality, timely, and cost-competitive end-products.  Our suppliers are expected to abide by our Standards of Business Conduct inclusive of our commitment to avoiding human rights violations within our supply chain as further explained in our Supply Chain Transparency statement.