A showpiece for the inwk LPD – The new Macallan GTR range is out to the world markets 

After months of hard work, development, production and logistics, we are so proud to see the new Macallan GTR in the global market. Supplying the Lumina, Terra, and Enigma rigid packaging for this range has presented its own challenges, but has been a project that displays a number or our capabilities and expertise within luxury packaging design, production and management.


Matured in European and American Sherry-seasoned oak and hogshead casks, The Macallan Lumina has its roots firmly in the old world, but grasps its inspiration from the new. With bold flavours including creamy vanilla, ginger and wood-spice, the Lumina box reflects this with its bright design and 3D effect by the use of sharp, clever embossing techniques. The forest green graphics on this box portray the view of a tree canopy and illuminate hints of light coming through the leaves, yet taking no emphasis away from the textured and classical Macallan label.


Using exclusively first-fill Sherry-seasoned casks, sourced from the Tevasa and Vasyma families of wood suppliers from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, The Macallan Terra honours the very best of sherry-seasoned oak from both continents. Realizing the wonders of spirit maturation, the Terra whisky contains distinctive flavours of toffee, sweet dried-fruit and rich-wood spices. An earth-like box displays the bark of a tree brought to life with embossing. Also, further adding the luxury and exclusivity of the Terra release, the box and bottle are both graced with matching was seals highlighting its authenticity.


At the pinnacle of the Macallan Quest series, The Macallan Enigma is aged exclusively in European oak sherry-seasoned casks from one cooperage in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, and is a whisky that exemplifies The Macallan. Capturing sherry richness, the Enigma is charaterised by lingering flavours of dried fruits, rich cinnamon and intensely smooth wood-spice. The box cleverly portrays the cross section of an oak tree, with intricate foiling highlighting its detail. The gold plaque label accentuates The Macallan branding at the same time as showcasing its’ exclusivity. Not only the graphics, but the construction of the Enigma box has two doors that fold back with magnets, allowing for bottle visibility on-shelf or alternatively in your home after purchase. As the show piece of the quest series, the Macallan Enigma is sure to make noises in the Global Travel Retail market.

The Macallan Quest range is a refined and well thought out selection of luxury product presented in luxury packaging. Through a mutual understanding, these projects portray a fusion of practicality and a carefully considered graphical representation of the product within. Like many whisky enthusiasts around the world, we are so excited to see this range on the global stage and look forward to hearing of its success!

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