Retail: Practical Ways to Be Rebound Ready

Updated: May 1

In-store Sanitation, Safety and Signage

It’s taken a bewildering virus just a few months to upend the entire world. From social distancing measures to shelter-in-place orders, the coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on global consumer behavior. 

By taking cues from what’s currently happening in grocery aisles around the world, where physical distancing and elevated hygiene practices have become the norm, we can predict what this means for the foreseeable future of retail as a whole.

When now-shuttered stores reopen, it will be imperative that retailers have practices in place that address the changing consumer psyche. ​Good hand hygiene and physical distancing will be core to the new standard – brands need to be prepared.

As governments across the world discuss community reopening strategies, INWK and our retail division EYELEVEL are engineering marketing for the new reality. Following are just a few practical solutions to help retailers ensure they’re ready to meet consumer needs from the moment they reenter shop doors.

Hand Hygiene Totem

Placed at the entrance and at strategic locations throughout stores, totems support easy changeability of antibacterial sanitizer and can include multi-size glove dispensing. In addition, totems provide supplementary opportunities for brand communication.

Screen Guards

Until widespread testing and a vaccine are available for COVID-19, protecting both workers’ and shoppers’ health and safety will remain paramount. Placing screen guards at the point of sale is an effective way to do this.

Distancing & Safety Signage

To remain 6 feet (2 meters) apart is now a deep-rooted concept for many of us. By providing visual guidelines – through decals, hanging banners and more – retailers can make it easy for consumers to feel informed and safe. If consumers feel safe while in your store, they’re more likely to purchase and return.

By recognizing the shifts in consumer psyche and the impact on their shopping behaviors, retailers can take practical readiness steps to prepare for the eventual reopening of our economies.

Get the sell sheet and connect with us today to learn more about how INWK can quickly and safely ensure your stores are reopen ready.