Have a Listen: Reopening Strategies Podcast

Reopening strategies are top of mind, but it’s more complicated than just “opening the doors.” What should businesses and brands do to ensure safe and manageable environments?

Those that get it right will understand the role that technology and design and can play.

But how do we garner investment in an area where brands have traditionally been reluctant? And what about the consumer and the price they might pay with regard to their privacy? What can businesses do to keep their promise of safety while staying true to their brand promise?

For the answers to these questions and more, queue up the Design, Culture & Experience Show: Reopening Strategies podcast with host Bryan Meszaros, InReality’s Laura Davis Taylor, RG Consulting’s Robert Grevey, Selbert Perkins Design’s John Lutz and Chris Wong, and INWK’s Rob Schulkins.

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