Diversity & Inclusion at INWK

With the close of Pride month in the US and the continuing fight for equality around the world, it’s our goal to keep an open dialogue on these and other important issues. At INWK, we’ve embarked on journey to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace. For us, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) means having a collaborative, supportive and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees. In today’s climate, it’s never been more important to drive home the central role that D&I plays in creating a meaningful and successful work environment.

In 2019, our CEO issued a call to action to address our D&I commitments. He joined the CEO Action Council and around the business, dedicated staff started mobilizing to support and uplift our Black, Women, and LGBTQIA+ communities and allies.

We’ve achieved a lot in the last year, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. We still have a long way to go and we’re excited by the opportunity that lies ahead.

Employee Resource Groups


In early 2019, a small group of ambitious females (and one equally ambitious male) organized the Women@INWK employee resource group to connect and empower women across the INWK world. Since its inception, the group has grown to include over 100 members and hosted a number of inspiring activities including mentoring programs, TED Talk discussion, virtual social hours, and their latest endeavor – a socially distant 5K run!

Noir Vibrations

February featured INWK’s first celebration of Black History month in North America. Among the weekly tributes to great African Americans in history, we hosted our first “Day of Understanding” panel where seven employees shared their experiences of being Black in America. This touching and provoking discussion elevated the topic of race in the workplace. Today, this panel comprises the steering committee for Noir Vibrations, our employee resource group for Black employees of INWK.


The steering committee of our newest employee resource group, INWK SAGA (Sexual and Gender Alliance), celebrated PRIDE month with several unique virtual events geared towards engaging INWK’s LGBTQIA+ community and allies to celebrate being our authentic selves. The focus was to #bringenergy to our most colorful D&I celebration of the year and encourage our employees to simplly #beYOU!


In addition to encouraging INWK staff to organize and support one another through important employee resource groups, INWK has taken steps to train and educate leadership on the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive work environment. We’ve formalized a role within our Human Resources team focused specifically on Diversity & Inclusion. And in early 2020, we engaged more than 50 of our company’s leaders in Unconscious Bias training. This hands-on workshop challenged thinking and exposed potential biases in our daily work lives. The goal: to create an aware group of leaders who model unbiased behaviors and work toward building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion isn’t simply an area to “tick the box” for INWK; it’s essential to our collective success and something INWK’s leadership is deeply committed to furthering. Celebrating our differences and learning from other perspectives is how we grow and win as an employer and as a leader in the marketplace. We’re proud of the efforts from all our employees to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and look forward to what’s next for INWK as we continue to build this culture.

Connect with us to learn more about INWK’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and what activities are on the horizon.

Rachel Morris

Senior HR Manager

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