Dive Deep with INWK's Desktop Diagnostic

Updated: Apr 27

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Adaptability has never been more important to ensuring business survival. And while current conditions can create a level of paralysis, there’s still plenty of opportunity to move forward.

With more than a third of the global population on lockdown, marketers and procurement professionals are having to shift their strategies to maintain viability and are looking for flexible solutions to support their goals.

The good news: INWK is shifting, too – making it easier to assess marketing procurement programs online with the launch of our Desktop Diagnostic.

This remote discovery process is designed to dig deep into brand marketing programs to uncover savings and supply chain opportunities. Anchored in qualitative interactive surveys, online stakeholder interviews and robust data analysis, our secure digital process applies all the rigor of a traditional diligence on a compressed timescale to meet the rapidly changing needs of brands today.

Our ability to adapt doesn’t stop with the diagnostic. With this surge in employees working from home – a trend predicted to remain even after the pandemic subsides – INWK is continuing to implement for brands around the world. Through virtual ideation workshops and process mapping, online team trainings and other remote activities, we’re successfully standing up new client relationships in a socially distant age.

Business might not be “usual” right now, but the show can still go on. To speak with an INWK assessment expert, connect with us today.

We can’t wait to dive in.

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