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Updated: May 6

They say that in times of crisis our true colors are revealed. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc around the world, we’re proud of the many brands lending a hand to fight the effects of this pandemic. From spirits to retail and everything in between, companies are stepping up in major ways to support local and global communities. These are just a few examples:


ASTRAZENECA quickly mobilized efforts to find neutralizing antibodies as a treatment to preventing COVID-19. AstraZeneca is also pledging to donate 9 million masks globally to support healthcare workers on the front lines.

MCKESSON plays a critical role in the medical supply chain as a distributor of essential health care supplies and medicines. They are “working closely with the U.S. White House administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as other federal and state agencies and industry partners to ensure supplies and medicine reach people” at the heart the crisis.


MILLER COORS brands are in this fight together, setting up programs and pledging funds to help industry service workers affected by the crisis. MOLSON COORS pledged $1 million to the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG), an organization dedicated to “serving those who serve us.” MILLER LITE also pledged $1 million and is encouraging donations to USBG with its #VirtualTipJar campaign.

BACARDI promises $3 million in support with the launch of the #RaiseYourSpirits campaign, in addition to the $1 million pledged by the PATRON brand. On top of this, Bacardi’s Puerto Rico plant responsible for the production 80 percent of the company’s rum is updating is capabilities to produce ethanol for hand sanitizers.

BEAM SUNTORY, in partnership with distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, is donating $1 million to the USBG Assistance Fund and the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation. The MAKER’S MARK team is partnering with former Top Chef Ed Lee and the Lee Initiative to provide food and supplies to the thousands of U.S. restaurant workers impacted by industry’s closures.


DYSON is innovating to address the UK’s short supply of ventilators. Designed within just 10 days, Dyson’s CoVent machine leverages the brand’s existing motor and purification tools and is meant to be made quickly at high volumes. In addition the UK order, James Dyson has committed to donating 5,000 units “to the international effort.”

NIKE, its leaders, and the Nike Foundation are committing over $15 million to response efforts in employee communities and have established a global 2:1 matching fund for staff donations. In addition, the Nike Foundation announced a $1 million contribution to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, while the Nike brand is designing personal protective equipment (PPE) for the world’s healthcare community.

NESTLÉ partners with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to supply food, medical nutrition products, and bottled water to those in emergency services and caregivers. Nestlé has also committed over $10 million to countries hardest hit by the pandemic.

UNILEVER announced their #UnitedForAmerica campaign which pledges a product donation of $8 million to FEEDING AMERICA. Unilever is also donating 200,000+ masks and hosting a Unilever-wide Day of Service to fund an additional $12 million in support.


FEDEX and Direct Relief have shipped 250,000 N95 masks and other PPE to community health centers and clinics across the U.S.. In addition, FedEx has worked with International Medical Corps to quickly mobilize two field hospital shelters.

COMCAST Chairman & CEO Brian Roberts and other top executives at Comcast will donate 100% of their salaries to charities supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. The media giant also commits $500 million to support employees with continued pay and benefits.

GANNETT launched Support Local, a platform to help U.S. communities support local businesses, most of which have been forced to close to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Small businesses with 20 employees or less make up nearly 90% of all U.S. business enterprises.

We applaud these amazing brands and so many others like them who are showing their true colors and supporting our communities in these trying times. If yellow is the color of hope, then these brands deserve a gold star.

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