Unilever + InnerWorkings commit to sustainable growth

InnerWorkings’ quick and thorough results surprised Unilever executives. The InnerWorkings program “is the first of its kind to be implemented within printed point-of-sales material” at Unilever, according to a recent newsletter from the global consumer goods leader. “We anticipate this transition will help lead to similar progressions in other Unilever markets,” stated the newsletter.

InnerWorkings accelerates Unilever’s move to sustainable sources of wood-based materials throughout its entire North American market.

Six years ago, Unilever pledged to boost revenue by 100% while cutting its environmental footprint in half by 2020. As one of Unilever’s top global partners and its exclusive North American print provider, InnerWorkings is committed to the consumer package goods giant’s environmental pledge, specifically reducing its environmental impact by relying solely on sustainable sources of paper and pulp.

In partnership, we led Unilever’s move toward responsible sources of paper, board, and labels in its entire North American print market in 2015.

achieving Unilever’s environmental goals together

To reduce Unilever’s global environmental impact, we have collaborated with the consumer goods leader to meet specific goals, which include switching to:

  • 75% sustainable wood-based fiber material by 2015
  • 100% sustainable wood-based fiber material by 2020

Not only did we meet Unilever’s environmental goals, but we exceeded them. We proposed switching to 100% sustainable paper, board, and labels in Unilever’s entire North American market by Jan. 1, 2015 and delivered on our pledge.

We found sustainable sources for nearly all (93 percent) of the millions in wood-based fiber spend we manage for Unilever in the U.S. The early transition has also saved thousands of trees. More importantly, by tapping our proprietary database of U.S. printers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), we achieved this goal without increasing costs.


taking the long view

By reducing Unilever’s North American environmental footprint ahead of schedule, we demonstrated our value as an elite Unilever partner. More work remains, however. Over the next 3 years, InnerWorkings and Unilever plan to enhance the sustainability of Unilever’s man-made materials within the U.S.




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