establishing a fulfilling partnership with Specialty’s Café & Bakery

Specialty’s Café & Bakery came to InnerWorkings for its know-how and network for packaging and distribution.

The fast growing family-owned restaurant group, with more than 50 stores in California, Washington and Illinois, was looking for a marketing partnership that could help them enable new revenue streams by expanding the reach of their brand and products.

driving growth through capabilities, network

It was clear from the outset that Specialty’s needs were going to be more expansive over time than a simple retail portal. To sell and ship the kind of products the restaurant was known for would take InnerWorkings’ know-how and network for packaging and distribution.

Its fulfillment services were going to be critical. These – and the underlying partnership between Specialty’s, InnerWorkings and its network of trusted suppliers– would have to be solid and stable to enable growth without glitches.

InnerWorkings laid the groundwork by focusing on the key drivers for growth that were essential to the portal strategy and design.

  • Product price points needed to be understood.
  • Flexibility for pricing, partners and distribution needed to be ensured to support growth.
  • And, sourcing had to be dependable to support and advance Specialty’s brand positioning over time.

delivering packaging, products and profits

Today, InnerWorkings leverages its extensive supplier network to provide all of Specialty’s product packaging for 51 stores in three states: catering boxes, to-go boxes, branded paper bags, and bakery boxes, among them. The online portal has produced a 22 percent profit margin since then, exemplified by a packaging budget that has tripled since 2008 to $1 million annually.


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