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“InnerWorkings is providing us with a seamless outsourcing service for a complicated and costly business process. Their transparent, open-book model is giving us much greater visibility into our overall marketing production spend and helping to drive immediate savings to our bottom line.They actually saved us, in one year, two million dollars in printing costs alone… we now have a very, very aggressive advertising campaign on TV and we’re funding it using all these savings.”

— Gerry Rittenberg, CEO, Party City

America’s leading party goods retailer achieved cost-savings and brand consistency through its collaboration with InnerWorkings.

As America’s largest specialty party goods chain, Party City operates more than 600 company-owned and franchise stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. With such an expansive retail network, Party City’s marketing execution strategy poses multiple complexities.

The company required a marketing execution partner who could help drive cost-efficiencies, ensure consistency across all branded materials, and streamline delivery and distribution processes.

establishing a partnership

To understand Party City’s unique needs, our specialists worked on-site with the team at Party City to fully understand its timetables, logistical challenges, branding, and style guides, as well as the nuances of its seasonal in-store marketing. We used the insights we gathered to develop a strategic approach to sourcing, producing, and delivering the company’s various branded materials, including point-of-purchase displays, shopping bags, and all in-store signage.

streamlining processes

Our team worked on-site with Party City to implement a technology-driven solution to streamline the company’s end-to-end marketing execution processes. Through our strategic sourcing, creative design services, innovative e-commerce technology, and nationwide fulfillment services, Party City consolidated its marketing production activities across-the-board to drive cost-efficiencies, maintain quality across all of its branded materials and retail experiences, and ensure on-time delivery to its retail outlets.

celebrating success

As a result of our partnership, Party City optimized its marketing execution activities and gained increased visibility into its spend across marketing categories (print, direct mail, POS, signage and displays, creative services, etc), enabling InnerWorkings and Party City to re-allocate investments into key opportunities for growth. During the first year of our partnership, Party City generated more than $2 million in cost savings, with an additional $1.5 million in savings captured in year 2. Beyond savings, Party City stores across the nation now represent consistency in brand, quality, and impact, with new ideas generated to expand Party City’s value on an ongoing basis.


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