helping Kroger get more lift from product displays

InnerWorkings expands on its long-standing partnership with Kroger with innovative point of purchase displays to drive more customer engagement and increase ROI and sales.

One of the world’s largest grocery retailers, with over 2,500 stores including such name brands as Ralphs, Dillons and Harris Teeter, the Kroger chain maintains a leading edge on merchandising strategies to move the sales needle.

To that end, Kroger enlisted InnerWorkings to design themed displays that would cross-promote multiple consumer packaged goods brands and boost returns at this critical point of customer interaction.

activating the creative and product network

InnerWorkings put its extensive network of resources to work to ensure this multi-brand initiative would deliver the best results.

On one front, it designed and prototyped displays, decoupled their components and delivered the fully assembled, packed displays to stores for execution. On a second front, it originated and managed the logistics of driving strategic cross-promotions among various brands. This required managing a wide network of consumer product teams at the retail and manufacturer levels to ensure timely and efficient shipments – and optimal pricing – across the U.S.

…2,300 displays and 66 different products later…

The scope of the project was significant with a tight-turnaround. It involved the delivery of approximately 2,300 fully assembled, packed displays to Kroger stores across the U.S. over a four-week period. To achieve success, InnerWorkings collaborated with multiple retailers and 33 different consumer packaged goods makers for the cross-promotion of 66 different products, 1,274 individual items and seven pack-out versions.

And it paid off. Through the displays, customers could more easily find all of the products in one location rather than scattered through the story in standard shelving. The upshot: Kroger achieved $33 million in product lift.




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