recharging Energizer’s marketing supply chain with a centralized, global solution

“(Until InnerWorkings arrived), we hadn’t found a company that truly had a global footprint.”

-Michelle McPherson, Team Leader, Global Visibility at Energizer


an iconic consumer goods company saves money and better controls its brand after InnerWorkings transforms its global marketing execution

Energizer Holdings, the St. Louis-based global battery maker, noticed delays in getting its merchandising materials to market as costs began to escalate. Energizer executives also felt they were losing control of their global brand standards.

“We needed a standardized in-store marketing catalog from which everyone across the globe could order,” said Michelle McPherson, Team Leader, Global Visibility at Energizer. McPherson and her colleagues sought a common library of retail fixtures and a uniform approach to sourcing and manufacturing.

globalizing in-store marketing and centralizing design

InnerWorkings consolidated global procurement of merchandising materials by building global uniform merchandising displays, centralizing design and sourcing, and launching an eCommerce platform that allows Energizer’s marketing team worldwide to purchase marketing materials from a single site.

simplified supply chain, unified brand

InnerWorkings centralized Energizer’s creative control and expanded its global reach. The partnership transformed Energizer’s marketing supply chain and generated the following tangible results:

  • Double-digit savings on initial unit costs
  • Reduced global merchandising program suppliers from 75+ to one
  • Shortened overall time to market by approximately 40 percent

As Energizer’s journey shows, the more you consolidate sourcing and procurement, the more complexity you remove from your supply chain. As complexity ebbs, executives can focus on what matters most – growing and nurturing their brands.




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Energizer’s Michelle McPherson and Matt Wallach discuss the challenges they faced implementing a global merchandising strategy and their process for selecting inwk as their strategic marketing partner.

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