Calvin Klein’s new stores connect customers to its Menswear and Underwear brands

Building retail stores that reflect brand vitality and allure

“The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the products,” said fashion legend Calvin Klein during a magazine interview in the 1980s. At the time, Klein was referring to his wildly successful advertising campaign for blue jeans. But the same idea applies to anyone trying to market an aspirational style or brand. Marketing executives, suggested Klein, need to step back from their products and emotionally connect customers to their brands.

In recent years, Calvin Klein – the fashion house, not its founder – sought a deeper brand connection with its customers by opening its own retail stores across the globe. And while great for business, such rapid growth is challenging, especially without the right retail partner. As their retail presence grew, Calvin Klein looked for an innovative and reliable ally – one that could convey the appeal of its provocative, modern brand. Calvin Klein needed a business partner that could quickly design, engineer, and deliver attention-grabbing retail stores that promote its lifestyle and boost sales around the world.

a versatile partner with true global reach

Calvin Klein first asked EYELEVEL, an InnerWorkings Company, nearly seven years ago to design and build stores for its brands. The partnership quickly gained momentum. Recently, InnerWorkings designed and built a custom 1,640-square foot Outlet store in Metzingen, Germany. Throughout the project, the global fashion house praised InnerWorkings’:

  • Striking store design
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Full-service mindset
  • Global reach

Calvin Klein saw InnerWorkings as an innovative and versatile partner with a true global reach, one that could be tapped at any stage of the process – from creating store concepts and designs to engineering and production to delivery and maintenance. Calvin Klein then asked InnerWorkings to create and deliver more than 60 shop-in-shops and stores in Europe and the Middle East in only four months. The project included:

40 Menswear shop-in-shops. InnerWorkings designed, engineered, produced, and delivered 40 shop-in-shops in malls across Europe, including at Regent street in London and at El Corte Inglés department stores across Spain.


As with all of its stores, Calvin Klein required a unique and minimalist look for its Menswear stores. This gave InnerWorkings the opportunity to demonstrate its full capabilities. During the sourcing stage, for example, Calvin Klein’s architects asked the team to use a special stainless steel finish in their Menswear stores. InnerWorkings visited more than 15 suppliers across Europe and examined 35 samples in just one month to find the right one.

5 standalone CK Underwear stores. InnerWorkings created 5 pilot CK Underwear stores from scratch in just 7 weeks – more than twice as fast as usual. The InnerWorkings team:

  • Designed the store concept
  • Sourced and produced all store components and fixtures
  • Rolled out and opened the stores across the Middle East and Europe, including:
    • Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Bahrain
    • Riyad, Saudi Arabia
    • Helsinki, Finland
    • Cape Town, South Africa


16 standalone Outlet stores. Building from conceptual sketches, InnerWorkings retail team developed and delivered another 16 Calvin Klein Outlet stores, including 7 across Italy – Milan, Rome, Venice, etc. The team created more than 650 pages of engineering drawings for the nearly 80 fixtures needed for each store before opening all 16 stores.



retail sales jumped, partnership continues to grow

Sales initially jumped 80 percent at one new InnerWorkings-designed Calvin Klein store over existing-store sales. Sales at other new stores also rose and met Calvin Klein’s expectations. Based on this success, the partnership has expanded to include:

  • The launch of 15 additional stores – new Underwear shop-in-shops as well as new Outlet and Menswear stores
  • The development of a web portal that shows all stores, concepts, budgets, products, fixtures, and products. The portal also allows Calvin Klein’s internal marketing team to order additional stores.


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