Callaway transforms its marketing approach with InnerWorkings

Callaway elevates its brand by rethinking its in-store approach

Known for innovation, Callaway Golf Company, the leading global manufacturer of premium golf products, adapted quickly when the overall golf industry faced headwinds several years ago. Instead of launching products once a season, Callaway shortened its product lead time and began introducing products year-round.

“If we can build marketing organizations and retail partnerships that really are devoted to speed without compromise, we all win,” said Harry Arnett, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Callaway.

Yet Callaway’s marketing and procurement teams were stretched thin after the company restructured in 2011. Only three marketing specialists managed all of Callaway’s point-of-sale in North America along with just one procurement manager who sourced in-store marketing materials locally, near San Diego. This approach inflated costs and raised turnaround times.

Callaway Golf needed to solve these challenges while also adhering to its values of innovation, integrity, and leadership.


If we can build marketing organizations and retail partnerships that really are devoted to speed without compromise, we all win.


a dedicated team to optimize sources

Callaway sought a retail partner and asked InnerWorkings to manage its marketing and operational print, retail environments, permanent displays and fixtures as well as fulfillment.

InnerWorkings’ dedicated team, onsite at Callaway’s Carlsbad, California headquarters, immediately tapped its network of thousands of U.S. suppliers, allowing the golf giant’s marketing team to refocus on its core mission. “We have extra employees in our marketing department because of InnerWorkings,” said Kirsten Everett, Retail Marketer at Callaway.

InnerWorkings partnered with 42 suppliers in the first four months, which encouraged suppliers to fight for Callaway’s business, driving costs down. Because Callaway had a larger pool of suppliers from which to choose, InnerWorkings, relying on its VALO® technology, ensured each supplier had the best equipment in the right location to uphold brand quality and shorten lead times.

“By leveraging the InnerWorkings team and its vendor base, Callaway will continue to differentiate how golfers experience the brand at retail,” said Callaway’s Arnett.


InnerWorkings as secret weapon

Callaway soon asked InnerWorkings to design, produce, and distribute the temporary launch displays for its XR golf clubs – its biggest launch of the year. The team gathered creative ideas from inwk’s creative services team as well as third-party suppliers. Callaway chose InnerWorkings’ design, giving the team more control over sourcing and keeping costs low.

The team then engineered and built prototypes of the display before producing and shipping all 60 components to inwk’s fulfillment center. InnerWorkings assembled and kitted the displays and delivered them to more than 2,000 North American golf retail stores.




Callaway’s XR clubs quickly became the number-one selling iron in terms of dollars. However, Callaway needed to change the displays’ messaging – over 10,000 points of distribution and 33,000 pieces of marketing collateral – within only 10 days.

To overcome this logistical challenge, “we had a secret weapon on our hands – InnerWorkings,” said Callaway’s Harry Arnett. InnerWorkings collaborated with Callaway to replace the original messaging and retrofit the fixtures on time. “Without InnerWorkings, it wouldn’t have been possible,” said Callaway’s Kirsten Everett.


transforming retail experiences

Meanwhile, InnerWorkings designed, produced, and installed Callaway’s first shop-in-shop in Golfsmith stores. The InnerWorkings team developed and executed the project from scratch – from creating designs to engineering, constructing, and delivering the retail environments. Along the way, Golfsmith expanded Callaway’s retail space, prompting the InnerWorkings team to revise its designs. Yet InnerWorkings finished the innovative retail project on time and on budget.




As part of its strategy to reduce Callaway’s time to market, InnerWorkings developed a platform with FedEx that distributes artwork within 24 hours to more than 700 Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy stores. The strategy not only cut days from turnaround times, but eliminated up to $10,000 in freight costs.


accomplishing Callaway’s goals

InnerWorkings helped Callaway save nearly 15 percent annually since 2014. InnerWorkings achieved this goal – and aligned with Callaway’s values – with an onsite team, optimized sourcing network, and comprehensive retail capabilities.

With InnerWorkings’ help, Callaway has adjusted its marketing strategies in order to thrive in the evolving golf industry. “It’s a huge competitive advantage working with you guys,” said Harry Arnett.




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