marketing execution assessment

understand how hidden execution gaps can deflate your marketing strategy

a good strategy is not enough.

Are you keeping up in today’s hyper-competitive, multi-channel market environment? If you are spending more time perfecting your strategy than you are ensuring that it’s well-executed in the market, then you are putting your brand at risk.

Marketing organizations are quickly realizing that marketing execution — consistent brand delivery in that last mile before products or services reach customers — drives significant value and topline growth. As the world’s marketing execution leader, we bring decades of experience in diagnosing and overcoming weaknesses within the marketing execution supply chain.

Our experience with hundreds of best-in-class marketing organizations has
consistently highlighted the importance of strong execution.

Best-in-class marketing execution requires a systematic approach to identifying and addressing marketing execution challenges. Through our marketing diagnostic, we work with Fortune 500 brands to diagnose and fill marketing execution gaps, ultimately leading to increased efficiencies and ROI.

Focusing on five areas, we provide a roadmap to improving marketing execution:

Our Marketing Execution Assessment is customized for each client with the goal of understanding current-state performance and identifying key gaps in marketing execution. Most importantly, we recommend actionable improvements based on our experience with hundreds of global firms, as well as an implementation plan for how to close the most critical execution gaps.

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