delivering high performing retail environments & displays

76% of shoppers make purchase decisions in-store. Have you invested adequate time and effort to engage shoppers inside your retail environment? Are your marketing campaigns meeting or exceeding the “4 Cs” of Visual Merchandising (Command, Connect, Convey and Close)?

Successful retail environments and display executions must incorporate great design, shopper/consumer insights and a “win” for the retailer.

Watch the educational webinar below to learn innovative approaches to creating unique brand and shopper experiences.

Mike Mikyska, Vice President at InnerWorkings will delve into the art and science behind creating some of the world’s most compelling and successful retail environments and displays. Mike will introduce 3 questions to help you and your visual merchandising team determine if you’re getting the most out of your current retail environments and displays. He’ll provide case studies around the challenges faced, approaches taken and results achieved for Kroger, Burger King, and AMC Theatres, among others. He’ll also share 5 thought starters to help you build successful in-store display plans.

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