Markets are awfully “noisy” these days, and as a marketer, you spend your days plowing into that noise and hoisting your brand above it. It takes a lot of marketing power and creativity, and promotional items have traditionally been among the strongest performers in the marketer’s tool kit.

The reason promotional marketing works so well is simple: people like giveaways. A report from the Advertising Specialty Institute shows that 84% of those receiving promotional items remembered the advertisers; 42% had a more favorable impression of them; and 24% said they were more likely to do business with them. Download your complimentary whitepaper and learn how to use branded merchandise to your advantage.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to use giveaways to help build brand awareness
  • How to use promotional marketing to acquire and retain customers
  • How to drive engagement with customers and prospects at events
  • How to use internal promotional items to motivate employees
  • How to select the right promotional giveaway for your program
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