America’s service brand partners with INWK to deliver their brands into the hands of customers.

As America’s service brand, ServiceMaster is comprised of many great brands dedicated to simplifying and improving the quality of life for its customers. It currently serves residential and commercial customers through a network of more than 5,500 company-owned locations and franchise licenses. ServiceMaster brands include Terminix, American Home Shield, ServiceMaster Clean, Merry Maids, Furniture Medic, and AmeriSpec.

Direct mail is an integral part of ServiceMaster’s overall marketing strategy. With millions of mailers produced and delivered annually, ServiceMaster required a solution that would enable it to maximize its printing costs while maintaining quality production and brand compliance.


ServiceMaster turned to INWK for help in developing an end-to-end, segmented, and compliant direct mail program. Our extensive track record with direct mail provided ServiceMaster with the expertise and service it was looking to incorporate into its program. We partnered with ServiceMaster to engineer an entirely new direct mail program within 90 days, which included an economic audit, determination of cost reduction targets, and training initiatives. As part of the implementation, we developed a custom reporting function to provide ServiceMaster with insight into its overall print spend.


Following the successful implementation of its direct mail program, ServiceMaster contracted with us to engineer efficiencies across other key marketing programs. Our relationship rapidly expanded to include more than 30 key product categories, including business forms, marketing collateral, branded merchandise, and digital printing. In addition, ServiceMaster took advantage of our other value-added services including warehousing and distribution, database cleansing, and billing solutions. In total, we now have 18 full-time employees dedicated solely to ServiceMaster, with 11 of those onsite in ServiceMaster offices.


Through our partnership, ServiceMaster has reduced direct printing costs more than 11 percent, increased control and visibility into its direct mail program, and reduced its mailing costs through postage optimization and list management. Additionally, it’s improved its inbound customer experience by geo-distributing its direct mail campaigns appropriately to load-balance call center volume.


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