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The most classic and refined of brands know that to earn their fair share of the consumer landscape, evolution and innovation is a must.


Camus, luxury spirits brand headquartered in Cognac, France, understood this and approached INWK to reimagine their existing Extra Cognac Duty Free pack – a box that had remained static in the marketplace for a nearly 10 years. Camus’ goal: to give a brand that would that would capture consumer emotion and inspire consumers to act.

Working in partnership with Camus’ procurement, packaging development and quality teams, INWK engineered the pack from the initial sketches through to final execution. Our in-house design team developed a number of constructional concepts for Camus, and together, our teams refined the final selected design to be both aesthetically and technically superior. 

To help scale the development to production, INWK’s sourcing experts narrowed the vendor base to a principal luxury rigid box vendor with experience producing packs out of multiple substrates. This was particularly important to achieving the functionality and smoothness of one of the pack’s key features: the two acrylic sliding doors.



  • Disappearing Doors: Integration of double disappearing doors to allow for a unique opening experience while maintaining a compact and effective footprint on shelf.

  • Windowed Aperture: Acrylic window added to showcase the beauty of the full bottle. 

  • Through-By-Light:  Both front and back opening added to allow a maximum amount of light to shine through and glorify the bottle and color of the liquid within

  • Opening Plaque: Encased inside a miniature gift box doubling up as a drawer is a miniature tasting bottle, which is elegantly removed by pulling on a satin ribbon.


This is a fine example of our innovative in-house expertise combining with a luxury brand to produce something grand and innovative in the marketplace; so much so, that the pack won Best Technical Achievement at the 2018 Luxury Packaging Awards!

Camus were so pleased with the final result that they engaged INWK to reimagine their Extra Cognac domestic pack. This was an evolution of the duty-free pack and featured an alternate door design and unique materials to achieve premium status and positioning in the domestic marketplace.


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