All things 3D – an insight from one of our constructional designers Ed Bailey

We thought we’d give a little insight into the people that make us tick here at the inwk Luxury Packaging Division. This week we caught up with one of our constructional designers Ed Bailey to learn more about him, and more specifically about his expertise in 3D printing and how the new 3D printer has transformed the capabilities of our UK studio sparking innovation, quicker realization of concepts, and ultimately fosters a faster route to market.

A little something about you…

  • Hobbies?
    • Anything involving mountain biking (going fast, over big jumps and pulling tricks)…..anything extreme sports basically.
    • Love making things at home (e.g. I am experimenting with resin at home by encapsulating objects inside blocks of resin, similar to Damien Hirsts work), also do a lot of wood working, metal workings.
    • I go to a few track days in my car and race round tracks.
    • Hunting for interesting antiques.
    • Going to as many music gigs as possible
  • Interested in?
    • Design and Engineering
    • Automotive Industry
    • Mountain Bike Industry
    • Antiques
  • Where did you learn about 3D printing and what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made on it?
    • Originally learnt about it at the the University of Leeds as they have a 3d print facility.
    • Coolest thing – 3d printing one item in one go with various colours – see image. I’ve also printed parts for the air intake system on my car to help boost power but that’s probably not classed as ‘cool’ to be honest.


  • How has the new 3d printer transformed our UK studio capabilities?
    • Full transformation! It has never stopped printing since we bought it.
    • Can print bottles out to size packs before the bottle has been made saving time and wasted box material.
    • Tin mock ups have become a constant item for printing to provide a physical sample for the customers. Before they had to spend money on tooling before even seeing a physical sample.
    • In house vacuum forming’s are more ‘sculptured’ now for improved help client buy in.
    • Almost anything can be made. Less restrictions to the studio capabilities.


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