feeding Potbelly’s appetite for quality and value

Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop looked to InnerWorkings to improve its overall marketing execution including its eCommerce platform to meet its aggressive growth plans.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Potbelly’s is a privately held, fast casual eatery restaurant chain with more than 300 locations across the United States. The restaurant prides itself on a quality and efficient experience for all patrons.


uncompromising quality

While every Potbelly Sandwich Shop is unique, the company values the importance of consistency in creating familiarity and trust in the restaurant brand. By partnering with InnerWorkings to create a scalable, robust eCommerce solution, the restaurant chain knew its brand standards would be upheld across all of its marketing materials.

Potbelly’s also enlisted InnerWorkings to manage and source all of its point-of-purchase displays and signage, including menu boards and floor/window decals, along with the chain’s quarterly specialty promotions.


outstanding customer service

Potbelly’s promises and emphasizes “friendly folks behind the counter.” And InnerWorkings ranks customer service just as important. Since working with us, Potbelly’s has reported an increase in the service experience with higher quality products in market. The InnerWorking’s eStore solution has been fully utilized by Potbelly’s marketers.

In addition, our thorough approach to compliance and quality has helped elevate the chain’s brand equity and amplified its marketing impact, while helping the eatery realize significant cost savings.


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