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Webinar: How to Optimize the Last Mile of Marketing Execution


How to Optimize the Last Mile of Marketing Execution

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How Stoli’s Creative Execution Strategy Sets the New Standard

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The CMO’s Edge – Unlocking Value Through Best-In-Class Marketing Execution

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Proven Packaging Strategies for the World’s Elite Brands

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Global companies that break the mold and embrace change have a competitive edge. These companies forge their own path and rely on InnerWorkings’ technology, scale, and expertise.

6 steps to a winning brand launch

Launching a new brand is a critical moment for any marketer. When you debut a new brand or product, you want to capture your audience’s attention and give it your best. All too often, though, brand launches fail to make an impact.

top 10 tips for direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for today’s marketers, as it provides a straightforward and targeted approach to engaging and persuading potential customers. Download your free best practices guide on direct mail marketing and learn how to make the most of your direct mail marketing campaigns.

5 ways to boost your business with branded merchandise

Markets are awfully “noisy” these days, and as a marketer, you spend your days plowing into that noise and hoisting your brand above it. It takes a lot of marketing power and creativity, and promotional items have traditionally been among the strongest performers in the marketer’s tool kit.

6 ways to entice customers in-store

Bricks-and-mortar retailers face fierce competition from their online competitors. It’s getting harder to attract customers in-store, but also keep them in the store longer and increase the chance of making a sale.

6 tips for standout packaging design

Standout packaging design sells. In fact, packaging is one of the few marketing components with which every potential customer interacts, and it’s one of the most important factors in consumer purchasing decisions. With nearly 76% of purchasing decisions being made at the point-of-purchase, a product’s packaging design must make an immediate connection with shoppers and stand out from the competition.


InnerWorkings Webinar: How Stoli’s Creative Execution Strategy Sets the New Standard

Join Michael Kolbrener, Managing Director of Creative Execution Services, InnerWorkings, and Lauren Longenecker, Brand Manager, Trade Marketing, Stoli Group, as they describe how InnerWorkings and Stoli joined forces to re-imagine creative execution services. Click here to listen.

InnerWorkings Returned as Pro-Am Title Sponsor at the FedEx St. Jude Classic

The 2016 InnerWorkings Pro-Am at the FedEx St. Jude Classic featured many of the best golf players in the world playing alongside companies from around the globe. Congratulations to the 2016 winner Daniel Berger! Click here to view highlights from the event.

InnerWorkings hosted Investor Day in New York City

The half-day event for institutional investors and research analysts was led by Eric D. Belcher, Chief Executive Officer, and Jeffrey P. Pritchett, Chief Financial Officer. Along with a discussion of InnerWorkings’ strategy and financials, there was a demonstration of our VALO ® technology. Listen to the webcast or view the presented material here.